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Campanile is a French hotel brand created in 1976 , specializing in the segment of mid-range hotels (2 and 3 stars) belonging to the Louvre Hotels Group, the budget hotels branch of the Louvre group.

A traveler shared in this review, "There was a bad heat wave in Paris so I booked for a hotel with air condition. I found the Hotel Campanile in Kremlin-Bicetre, just outside Paris. After the first sleepless night, I asked to get another room. They gave me another room, but the air condition did not work either! I believe they falsely claim they have air condition to attract people, but they never had it in the first place! Also, the hair dryer in my room did not work either! Real bad hotel that needs to be avoided and reported."


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House Keeping Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Mess up your salary to save money Cons: unfair"

Head Chef (Current Employee) says

"I worked there a long time but why I shall never know it was such a unprofessional place run so badly it had to be experienced to believe."

Food & Beverages Member (Former Employee) says

"Past experience they treat there staff like something off there shoe always working in your own even on busy shifts management are not supportive always changing the rota with out asking 17 hour shift from 6 in morning till 11 at night that’s what they tried getting me to do they cut hours with out the staff knowing Cons: Rubbish hours"

Réceptionniste de nuit (Former Employee) says

"Soirée repetitive Cons: beaucoup"

Night porter (Former Employee) says

"No safety of a night time and management not supportive, no team work and all back stab each other, no security so much trouble from guests no respect. Cons: everything"

Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"Horrible hotel to work for in basildon. Management are awful no support at all. Hours are rubbish and you get abused guests and management turn a blind eye. New manager thinks he can treat people like rubbish. Really bad place should be shut down Cons: Everything"

Assistant Manager (Current Employee) says

"Made to work 8.5 hours a day without breaks. GM and Deputy GM have no idea how to work a hotel. Wages always short and payroll not intrested. Cons: Terrible place to work"

Bediening en keuken (Former Employee) says

"Ik heb me daar een jaar uit de naat gewerkt en werd ontslagen omdat ik een eigen mening had en die wilde delen met het de rest en dat werd niet gewaardeerd Cons: De bedrijfsleider"

Assistante de Direction (Former Employee) says

"Louvre hotel, au vue des différents groupes, louvre hôtels est loin derrière au niveau du confort salaire et avantages sociaux.... pas de 13e mois réel..."

Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"I worked here for almost three years, Cons: Everything"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"- low quality beds aging seriously (12ys old)"

RECEPTIONNISTE (Former Employee) says

"N’y aller pas à fuire absolument pas de planning fixe une direction inutile etc"

Gestion d'établissement (Former Employee) says

"Je suis rentré dans le groupe très jeune. J'ai grâce à lui un bagage professionnel dans l'hôtellerie. Mais on ne retiendra que cela. Je ne généralise pas, mais il faut avouer que ce groupe n'est pas le meilleur qui soit. Difficile de se faire entendre des grandes pontes dans leur tour d'ivoire. Bref, ce fut une expérience de faite, c'est tout. Cons: Salaire qui change tout les mois, Travailler 15 jours d'affilés sans repos est tout a fait normal chez eux, Quand on ose se plaindre au siège c'est silence radio, Perspective d'évolution nulle, Y'a t il un service des ressources humaines???????"

Chambermaid (Current Employee) says

"A typical day at work consists of cleaning and organising the hotel rooms for the newest guests.The job is very challenging, in the sense that there is very high standards expected to be met within certain time limits. The most enjoyable part of the job is hearing positive feedback from guests about the work that has gone into each room."

Commis Chef/Kitchen Porter (Former Employee) says

"Overall good start to learn, but mediocre management and general unprofessionalism ruined everything for everyone employed. Lack of staff made working far beyond hours a regular occurrence, overall I'm happy for the experience but glad I'm out"

Waitress/Bar Staff (Former Employee) says

"Hardest part of the job was coping with the unsociable hours. Cons: unsociable hours"

Chef (Former Employee) says

"I worked for 1 year as a chef it is very difficult and stressful."

Bar and Restaurant Manager (Former Employee) says

"Great opportunity for the experience needed to go up in my career but no benefits for staff overall and very difficult to get what was required to complete duties"

Employée polyvalente (Former Employee) says

"Salaire tres bas par rapport à la charge de travail"

Waitress/Bar Staff (Current Employee) says

"On a day to day bases it is not busy. I find this boring at times as well as unchallenging. What I have learnt is to be an organised professional person. The management care for the staff until recent promotions attitudes have changed. The Workplace culture requires me to be professional towards other member of staff and customers. while completing your daily tasks. The hardest part of the job for me would be when we have big functions to cater for as well as running the public bar at the same time. The most enjoyable part would be when we have functions it changes the daily routine to something different. Cons: no contract"

Former Employee - Basildon Night Reception says

"I worked at Campanile full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Managment Managment family No accountability Police here everyday"

Former Employee - Cleaner says

"I worked at Campanile part-time for more than a year Cons: Hours not regular Assistant manager a bully No progression no personal development Favoritism amongst staff as in family that works there"

Former Employee - Food and Beverage Assistant says

"I worked at Campanile full-time for less than a year Cons: Very little benefits from the company, no possibility of promotion, some managers don't treat the staff like human beings, double standard for managers and staff."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Campanile part-time Cons: poor training from the start"

Cecilie Freja Rasmussen says

"We stayed there for 4 nights.. worst days and nights. We came to the room and first thing I saw was that electrical stuff were coming out of the wall, the other thing was that the door didn’t lock when you closed it so you had to slam it MULTIPLE times. We told the staff and they didn’t seem to care at all. Breakfast wasn’t anything interesting and it didn’t seem proper cooked. Overall, don’t go. Staff doesn’t care at all and there’s a lot of noise from the road!"

Terry says

"After booking rooms via phone for a stated price when I received the confirmation emails the price was double what I understood them to be in the original telephone conversation. I reached the person on the phone who originally took my booking and asked why the price was double what was originally stated. All I got back was a flim flam sales pitch with him insisting I had misunderstood. I asked for the rooms to be cancelled immediately which he refused to do saying that I would have to wait 24 hours. He was intransigent so I hung up. 24 hours later I call Campanile to have the rooms cancelled only to find an extra room has been put on. I ask the lady to cancel all the rooms which she does saying that she will confirm this to me via email. No email arrives! I try to phone the company again only to be cut off during the intro before reaching anyone. No matter how many times I try now this is all that happens."

John Clare says

"Scam! Misleading in booking system. I booked the hotel for 4 nights, 3 rooms from 27 June 2018 (booking number 1536105738. Before I made a booking, on the booking page, it showed 3 rooms together and one sentence said "Free of charge if cancel before 27 June 2018 11:59 [Northampton]. On the booking page, there were no words said I will be charged if I cancelled the bookings,. If they intend to charge cancellation fees for 2 double rooms, they must state on the booking page. It serious/legit/misleading marketing. Due to my mother ill, she had stayed in the hospital for 3 weeks, I canceled bookings on 11th April (nearly 3 months in advance so they have plenty of time to fill up their rooms). However,they still charged me 2 double rooms ( 493 pounds) from my credit card without my permission. They allow some rooms for free of charge if cancel but all rooms. They only show policy of the rooms with free of cancellation. However, they did not state clearly which rooms they will charge if we cancel the bookings until you pay the booking, they will send you email with explain that you will be charged in full if you cancel the bookings. It is too late for you."

Tina says

"Don't bring anything you are not ready to lose, because this hotel will not compensate your loss! We stayed 5 days at this hotel. On day 3 the cleaning staff removed a bag of cloth diapers (worth 300 Euros) while we were out. When we came back and discovered the missing bag, we reported to front desk. The lady in charge promised to look for them, but she had no luck - either the nappies were in the dumpster or at the laundry service. The hotel got the laundry back on Friday and maybe we would be lucky they'd come back, so we were to check back on Friday. We left on Tuesday (mentioning the missing diapers at the front desk when checking out). We called the hotel during the weekend, but the diapers didn't turn up. We addressed the manager wanting compensation for our loss. First she claimed that the room was empty so there was no reason for them to believe that the bag was something we had forgotten, and the bag was placed together with other garbage. Not True!!!!  The diapers were in a bag, but not with other garbage, the bag was actually 3 feet away from the garbage bin. The room was full of suitcases, clothes, toys, stroller - in the bathroom we had our toothbrushes, shampoo etc. If the staff thought we'd left why was this not cleaned out as well?! When asking the hotel about this, we heard nothin back. Total silence. Asking again and the hotel manager told us to contact the cleaning company and claim insurance from them. What the heck????????? The hotel disclaims all responsibility. The incident happened at their hoteI and they tell us to contact the cleaning service?! The proper way to deal with this is for the hotel to compensate us and then they deal with the cleaning service if they want to. But apparently the management at this place is not up for the task of running a hotel. I have stayed at many hotels in my life but I have NEVER been treated with that much insult, incompetence and lack of responsibility! I can for sure state that we will never come back to this hotel nor will I ever recommend the hotel to anybody else!"

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